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My 1 year portrait

My 1 year portrait

My mother and father took me to a local photographer studio in my home town Tampere, Finland, when I was just one year old. The result was a portrait that I have always kept with myself. It has lost some of its natural colors, but it is still a photograph that just comes more and more important through the years. I am so happy my parents took me to that small photographing studio, back in 1976.

Quality photographs last forever

Today technology has improved and quality photographs maintain their colors and quality practically forever, if preserved in normal conditions. Strong sunlight is still a thread for the colors in a photograph, so it's important to remember that when deciding where to hang the family portrait on your home.

Investment that grows in value

Today almost everyone of us has a digital camera, or several of them. They are often used daily to document everything happening in our lives, including important moments like birthdays and weddings. All these photos have their value for us, and they are used to share those moments with our friends and family.

Quality portait photographs still have their place. When you imagine that you spend time to get ready to the photoshoot, dress on your favorite clothes, and meet the professional photographer who has years of experience just on the portrait ptotography and the latest professional equipment, you can expect something different.

Using the skills and services of a professional photographer, you get photographs that you don't want to hide on your album. You keep them always with you and looking at them brings back the good memories, and makes you smile.

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